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Illustrationen zu klassischen englischen Gespenstergeschichten:

A Tale of an empty house (E.F. Benson): “Oh, my God!” he cried in a voice hoarse and strangled, and he threw his left arm across his face as if defending himself.”
The Upper Berth (F.Marion Crawford): “It is impossible for any human being to get in”, I said, “or for any human being to open the port.”
The Treasure of Abbott Thomas (M.R.James): „So I looked up, and I see someone´s ´ead lookin´ over at us...That was a bad un, sir, if ever I see one.”

Stephanie Marie Roos, 2015, Keramikfiguren, Sgraffitotechnik
(fotografiert von Dimitri Davies, fotostudio belichtungswert, München)